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"How can we know if “clean” eating is harming our mental health? Only in being honest with ourselves. Are we losing sleep tracking macros? Are we paralyzed with fear for a dinner plan weeks or days away?" There's no shame in reaching out for help. Published 28 April 2023.


"I’ve watched in horror from recovery’s fragile safety as eating disorders skyrocketed globally during pandemic lockdowns. In the UK, U.S., and Argentina, demand for eating disorder treatment increased 116%, 70% and 57% respectively in 2020..."  Published 6 January 2023.


"The eating disorder cost problem is two-fold: they are hard to treat, and are chronic in nature, with an average gap of six years between onset of symptoms and receiving care. I can’t say I’m surprised by this average, because myself and many others spent years convincing ourselves we aren’t sick enough for help." I wrote this 1 year and 3 months into recovery, and am proud to be published 2 years and 1 month along. Published 25 November 2022.

Flying to Dublin from Milan in Oct '21

I wrote this angry-at-the-world ending before it got published: "By focusing only on the physical we are missing the bigger point. There’s more to digest here. Socioeconomic divides make healthy food choices, access to doctors, and mental healthcare, an impossibility for many. Even for those who can afford it, they may face racial and social stigmas. Welcome to America, where the new Dream is to be “healthy” (malnourished and thin), in the land of the Free, the Fat, and the Mentally Unwell. Britain eating disorder warriors, do you have any tips for your not-so-star-spangled American friend?" Published 11 Nov 2022.

Traditional Mexican Food

"You do you and your diet, your hot girl summer, your “nature’s cereal.” That’s your business, but I sincerely hope you aren’t doing it because you fear “fat.” Whether you are or aren’t, let’s not discuss it at the table. Instead, let’s pull up a chair for health at every size."

Published 11 July 2022.


Wellness has become a $1.5T industry globally in everything from sleep, mindfulness, nutrition, fitness, and appearance to health. 

"The industry wraps diet culture in aesthetic packaging to distract from its often non-medical health advice and promotion of restrictive behaviors."

Published 10 June 2022.


As an ex-athlete and anorexia survivor, I'm unnerved by the pandemic-driven boom in fitness influencers and social media trends (hot-girl-summer I'm looking at you).  In recovery I've reconciled "how diet culture has poisoned the way our culture views self-worth in relation to food and body size.Published 14 April 2022.

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