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Nonprofits with free mental health recovery resources

Perfectionism recovery

Try a list of affirmations. If you think that's cheesy I get it, but when I started to write them down every morning they eventually stuck to the point I no longer felt it was just some hoax people swear by.

Know you aren't alone

Eating disorder recovery continued

Please tread with caution, I know it can be triggering to see videos of food/body/etc. I tend to stick to the purely informational videos and I never ever as a rule watch what-I-eat-in-a-day or body transformation-like videos.



I found the language in following books slightly outdated for how our vocabulary has around relationships with body and food freedom has collectively evolved in 2023. They are classic recs nonetheless and can usually be found at your local library:

Please share with anyone who may benefit from this, or post in the comments if you know of any reputable free resources. Help is available.

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